Some months ago google rolled out a new service fighting the privacy discussion that is going on for a long time. This service called The Google Ads Preference shows you what google thinks you are interested in. This data is gathered by google by the pages you visit and the queries you search for and gives the data hungry search giant another piece of the puzzle completing your face with every time you browse.
Now thats the theory, but the reality looks a little bit different. Let me share my ad preferences with you, and before you continue reading, think of the person you imagine after those settings:

Looks like an unemployed person reading comics and stroking his cat. But thats a little faux pas.
Why is google picking these preferences from my surfing habits? I browse hundreds of pages a day, most related to the business I work in – which is web design and the internet – and the other big part are my hobbies like mountain biking, skiing, snowboarding and lots more. I can’t even remember browsing a website that matches the preferences google picked, and why doesn’t it collect more information from all the other pages I browse to get a better view of me and who I really am?
So from showing me some wrong information of who google thinks I am coming to the other part why google shows this information to us as a new settings tab in our google account. You now have the possibility to “opt out” of showing you ads based on your search-profile and demographics. If you do this, google will not give third party access to these informations to target their ads.